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Woke's experience at the ASEAN-Korea Startup Week 2023

Taking part in the ASEAN-Korea Startup Week marked a significant milestone in our startup’s journey.

The pitching contest, hosted in Korea, provided a platform for startups to not only present their innovations but also establish connections with potential partners and investors. It was an experience that granted us insights into the dynamic startup ecosystems of both ASEAN and Korea.

The ASEAN-Korea Startup Week brought together 30 high-calibre startups from 10 different ASEAN countries, spanning various sectors including AI, e-commerce, fintech, education, and tourism. This diverse gathering created a dynamic atmosphere filled with innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

As one of the contestants, Woke had the opportunity to present our startup to a panel of esteemed judges and an audience consisting of fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.

We extend our congratulations to the winners hailing from Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Participating in this event has allowed us to gain better understanding of the diverse perspectives and market dynamics in the ASEAN and Korean regions, invaluable for startups with aspirations of global expansion.

As a startup committed to learning and growth, this was a valuable experience that revealed areas for improvement. With these insights, we look forward to pursuing more opportunities, especially as we continue our mission of financial empowerment.

Startups from Brunei at the ASEAN-Korea Startup Week
Brunei contingent with Eden representing Woke; Teachmeguru won second prize in the competition

A group of judges at the 2023 ASEAN-Korea Startup Week
The esteemed judges with the Secretary General of ASEAN-Korea Centre

Startups from 10 ASEAN countries pitched at the ASEAN-Korea Startup Week
Thirty startups from 10 ASEAN countries participated in the pitching contest

More about the event:

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